About Us

Our mission is to help improve the way students and instructors connect with each other. We are changing the standard way of where students would normally search online or ask their friends for details on local instructors. Our aim is to make the connecting easier, more transparent and improve the flow of information.

Our Mission - www.lessonbid.co.uk The founder, Mark Claxton, has spent the past 4 years operating another online service website that helps students and instructors connect. During that time he has gathered a wealth of knowledge and has seen the troubles that both students and instructors across a wide range of disciplines face when trying to find each other.

From both seeing these issues and speaking with both instructors and students, the concept for LessonBid began to form. The service would make things easier for both instructors and students.

Instructors would be able to receive notifications when someone in their area is looking for an instructor that meets their criteria. They would then be able to respond and make initial contact straight away with the goal of turning that person into a new student of theirs.

Students would be able to post their lesson request using a simple form, saying what they are looking for, where they are looking to learn and a price range they are looking to pay. This is then promoted across the site and on its social media pages as well as to the large database of instructors who have setup email notifications, meaning instructors will be notified of new lesson requests. The student would then receive updates when instructors submit a bid, which they can then review and look at the instructors profile pages across social media and of course the instructors website.

Therefore students will have a lot more control over who will be teaching them as well as a greater understanding of that instructor and what they will be like.

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